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r *»*»w 

cfyLA^ ^*^b/ 

:.^p i 


Samford University 
Birmingham, Alabama 
Volume 62 










There have been a variety of act- 
ivities at Samford this year. Our 
campus has been the location 
for concerts by highly successful 
artists. Also, we have been fortu- 
nate to have guest speakers 
such as Ronald Reagan, John 
Connally, Frank Abagnale, and 
Dr. Edward Teller. How did we 
do it? 






n n 




P '\ 

ife:,. til 2 

We bring about the changes by 
working together very diligently. 
We face new challenges and 
make of them opportunities, we 
have a spirit embodied in us that 
makes things happen, one that 
can add a little fun to almost any 

> 1 ft «' 

,, cfhtr ' 

What causes the changes? 
Who is responsible for the hap- 
penings? We are. Together we 
make this happen. 


' \l\ 

/ fi-^4 5" - 




Student Life 




Faculty and Administration 




n 1 /Mrr ^ 



if .1 

/f /s a/ways pleasant to see faculty 
members who strive to be more than 
just members of the faculty. As many 
students have realized, Martha Ann 
Cox and Esther and Bob Burroughs 
possess this quality. These three can 
always be seen with students whether 
inside the classroom or out. Between 
the three of them, they have sponsored 
the Women's Programs, the Panhel- 
lenic Council, Campus Ministries, the 
Hear and Now Singers, Step-Sing, 
ENTRE NOUS. Also, between the three 
of them, they have collected such 
honors as Hypatia, Friendliest Male 
Professor, and Friendliest Female Pro- 

The 1980 edition of the ENTRE 
NOUS is dedicated to Martha Ann Cox 
and Esther and Bob Burroughs be- 
cause, with their help, we have made a 
lot of things happen. 

You're more than 

a number here 


aren't you? 

Closed classes, 

long lines 

forms to fill out, 

and a warm welcome 

It all started with a bang 

Some of the old, something new 

The end was near 


The Homecoming 



. 1 

» \**xr 

IP «w 


that brought people home 

Sigma Nu captures Sweepstakes 

2nd Place Male Division 
Pi Kappa Phi 



at ^»T * §9 


i K1 

7sf P/ace 

Female Division 

Phi Mu 

2nd Place Female Division 
Kappa Delta 

2nd Place Mixed Division 
Junior Class 

1st Place 

Mixed Division 

Sophomore Class 



r <&tf 


The Lady's 
Not For 

v «f**»S 

1 ' « v - r 

7/7e /Irtfi// Antics 

of the 
Disguised Gypsies 

The Playboy 

of the 
Western World 

Little Foxes 

Little River Band heads concert calendar 

Little River Band 

Amy Grant 

B. J. Thomas 

Louisiana's Leroux 



Scott Wesley Brown 

Three On A String 

John Bayley 



Georgi Vins 

Gov. John Connally 

Rep. Phillip Crane 

Reagan featured in Lecture Series 

Gov. Ronald Reagan 


Frank Abagnale 


Dr. Edward Teller 

Bill Alexander 

Irv "Mr. Fingers" Weiner 

Christian Emphasis Week 

Dr. Walter S burden 

highlights Chapel Series 

And it ended 

Reverend Nelson Price 
Baccalaureate Speaker 

Keith Martin, John Ft. Mott Award; President Wright, Lee Ann Lofty, 
James M. Sizemore Award. 

. . . with mixed feelings 

In order to have a successful 
Greek system, a school must 
have active Greeks. We have this 
at Samford. Greeks participate 
in Step-Sing, the Summer Mis- 
sions Carnival, and Intramurals. 
They create a little extra fun 
without compromising themsel- 
ves. In order to be successful, 
the Greeks must work with each 
other. We saw this happen 
during Greek Week when sor- 
ority and fraternity barriers were 
broken down. 

With a little cooperation, we 
make this happen. 

It all began 

Panhellenic Council: L to R Row 1: Angie Wooten, Zela Tau Alpha; Carolyn Andreu. Kappa Delta: Mary Jane Hagan. Zeta Tau Alpha: Loraine 
Nunn. (hi Omega. Row 2: Kathv Reep, Phi Mu; Claire Gillam, Delta Zeta; Sharon Holbert, Alpha Delta Phi. Not Pictured: Miss Martha Ann 
Cox. Advisor. 

Interfraternity Council; L to R Row 1: \lati Sizemore, Pi Kappa Phi: Mr. George Blanks. Advisor. Row 2: David George. Sigma \u: Rick 
Glenn, Pi Kappa Alpha; Jim Gass, Lambda Chi Alpha. 

in such a hurry 



jL ^r 



1 /£ 

''(L iHV^fi 

i» r^ ■ 



■ fl Br Vjl 


Man Beth W ise 

April Barbe 
Jane Ksp> 

Debbie Green 
(indv Hammond 
Lisa Helton 

Sue Hendrix 
Virginia Johnst 

DulchaKn Maloi 
France Mullins 
Jean Ostrander 
Debbie Pinson 

Dee Pitard 
Susan Rogers 
\ngie Rowell 

Alex Hu liner 

Phylis Ryan 
Donna Solomon 
Sharon Smith 
Marx Stubblefield 

■ i jnuidvi. \\ 

1 % ;!Yv» * 

mt~ i n ~ir '< 


' ' 

1 '^^C^y^T-^" 




Travis Collins 
Michael Drummond 
Marion Eubank 
Lee Franklin 
David George 

Tim GuU) 
Tim Ha v wood 
David Hodges 
Dennis Hoffman 
Don Hoffman 



■jfv**' ■ 


wSX^ \i 


i i 


flak x- 


Have you ever received an 
award at Samford? If you have, 
you have gotten more than a 
silver bowl or tray. Anyone who 
wins an award at Samford is 
spotlighted during an impressive 
ceremony, and he or she truly 
feels honored. 

With a little extra effort, we 
make this happen. 

Greek God and Goddess 

Doug Tanner 

Cindy Powell 


Mrs. Polly Powell, Travis Collins, Cindy Walker, Mr. Bob Burroughs 

Miss Homecoming 

Tami Clifton 

Mr. and Miss Samford 




' ^ 

L ^^ ^^1 


r >^^ 

^^^V ^^^^ , yu 



_^ ^ 

ft ■••'••■ 

' \, 



^^^pm*. _, 


* 9 



Gary Sherrer 

Debbie Heard 

Mike Drummond 
Sigma Nu, SAC 

Cindy Powell 

Alpha Delta Pi, Hypatia 

Paul Niager 

Zeta Man, Campus Ministries 



Tim Evans 

Alpha Phi Omega, Senate 

Art Hollow ay 

Phi Mu Alpha, BSU Choir 

Lee Ann Lofty 

Campus Ministries, SAC 

Eleanor Wells 
Hypatia, Phi Kappa Phi 

Robert Clough 

Sigma Nu, Campus Ministries 

Susan Todd 

BSU Choir, Hypatia 

Richard Mohler 
Campus Ministries, MA 

Lonette Lamb Sara Sanchez 

Delta Zeta, Omicron Delta Kappa Chi Omega, Phi Kappa Phi 

Ginger Sims 

Campus Ministries, Act I 

Susan Ingouf 
BSU Choir, Hypatia 

Claire Murphree 

Zeta Tau Alpha, Hypatia 

Gary Sherrer 

Alpha Phi Omega, BSU Choir 

Renae Stewart 

BSU Choir, Delta Omicron 

Steve Skinner 

Phi Mu Alpha, A Cap pel la Choir 

Dale Whitmire 
Kappa Delta, Hypatia 

Jeff Clayton 

Phi Mu Alpha, BSU Choir 

Alida LeBlanc Ray Lea Sue Hendrix 

Omicron Delta Kappa, Debate Team Lambda Chi Alpha, Phi Kappa Phi Delta Zeta, ENTRE NOUS Staff 

Keith DeBell Karen Cowley 

Omicron Delta Kappa, BSU Choir Gamma Sigma Sigma, Hypatia 

Lisa Dunning 
Phi Mu, Hypatia 

Debbie Heard 

Zeta Tau Alpha, Hypatia 

Carol Hoffman 
BSU Choir, SAC 

Keith Martin 

BSU Choir, A Cappella Choir 

Donna Brown 

Campus Ministries, Hypatia 

Carol Ray 

Campus Ministries, Hypatia 

Miss Entre Nous 

Theresa Carver 

First Runner-Up 

Lisa Dunning 

Second Runner-Up 

Le-Ann Splawn 

Entre Nous Favorites 

\ ^^ 

Sheryl Beck 

Stacy Harduval 

Dartland Dunbar 

Theresa Fuller 

Jane Scruggs 

Sandee Suddeth 

Lynn Shelly 

Rhonda Coleman 

Margaret Blanton 

Marcia Baldone 

Mary Dora Schreiner 

Dutchalyn Malone 

B rend a Hardy 

Debbie Anderson 

Beth Bounds 

Jennifer Cosby 

Special A ward Winners 

Theresa Carver receives the Hypalia Cup from Dr. Dr. Ruric Wheeler presents the Gail Hvle Memorial President Wnpht (right) presents the Buchai 

Ruric Wheeler. Award to Debbie Heard. Award to Dr. Fred Hendon. 

Al Mohler (center) receives the Hernun Ross Arnold Ward from Dr. \1abrs Debbie Boseman receives the Dr. leu Mead Dunbai \»..r.l from (left to right) Dr. 
Lunceford (left) and Dr. Run.- Wheeler (right). John Wmtter, Mrs. Dunbar, and Dr. Ruric Wheeler. 


M — " 

-IF ijl.*-3 

Through the years athletics at 
Samford have enjoyed a 
glorious history. Rapidly increas- 
ing costs have forced the Univer- 
sity to limit intercollegiate com- 
petition to basketball, tennis, 
golf, track, and cross-country. 
We have seen intramurals grow 
from afternoon exercise to a very 
competitive program. We have 
seen a renewed school spirit. 

With a little caring, we make 
this happen. 

Strong bodies, determination . . . 

Intra murals 



• ** 

1 1 



r >V^ 

- M ^^^^m 

^ . 

' jl uA " . J 




\ R D 

1979-80 Basketball Team: Row 1: L to R Martin Newton, Steve Baker, Sam Lee. Row 2: L to R Marvin Stewart. Coach Cliff Wettig. Row 3: 
L to R Randv Haves, Coach Mike Calhoun, Otis Aust, Ronald Radford. Mitch Norton. Darin Cissell. Tim Francis, Brian Coleman. Robbin 
Bumbrv. Bruce U illiams. Row 4: L to R Coach Doug Zimmerman. Steve Kahn. Todd Skaggs. 

SU 79 



SU 81 

San Diego 


SU 83 

Georgia Southwestern 


SU 64 

Arkansas-Little Rock 


SU 83 

Southwestern Louisiana 


SU 68 

Houston Baptist 


SU 70 

Wichita State 


SU 72 



SU 69 



SU 57 

Arkansas-Little Rock 


SU 57 

Southwestern Louisiana 


SU 69 

Western Illinois 


SU 62 

Murray State 


Kj^ ' ^^K^( 

SU 75 

Delaware State 


tP^^y ' ^V 

SU 80 




SU 59 



SU 46 

Houston Baptist 


SU 77 



m Ciu 

SU 78 

East Tennessee State 


m **& 

SU 61 

Northeast Louisiana 


m % 

SU 75 



» m 

SU 65 



<^^ W 

SU 95 

Baptist of Charleston 



SU 85 



SU 72 



SU 53 

Pan American 


SU 68 





; n 

Cagerettes: L to R, Row 1: Maggie Adams, Lea Boisford, Sylvia Snider. Melissa Wood. Row 2: Pam Hodges. Karen Goodwin. Rhonda Stophel 
Pam Jones, Stephanie Brown, Lisa Littlejohn. Row 3: Sandra Dunkin, Alice Neill, Sue Ellin Martin, Lynn Payne, Melissa Martin. Karen Jones. 

Samford Cheerleaders: L to R, Row 1: Sander Suddeth, Jill Harrison. Julie Pugh, Gingei !..„■,„ 

mire. Row 2: Mick Vawter, Greg Shiven, fim I ivingston, Steve Oaborne, I hip Jacluon 

v Hr„lg,s. („ 1V Hembree, Pennj >nr 

Samford Golf 

. > 


jljf> , a, 


\1 ni^ i 

1- ^V< x l 





' - 4 

Golf Team: L to R Seated: Randv Gambrell, Jim Patt 
nor Owens, Crocket! Cobble, Coach Mike Calhoun. 

i, Scott Hamilton. Kneeling: Kit Arrington. Joe Iovine. Standing: David Karn. Co 


Samford Track 

Cross Country Team: L to R Row 1: Tom \ash, John Prater, Vance Wooten. Row 2: George Kanakis, Jin 
Nabakowski. Doug Wilson, David Wagner, Coach John Armstrong. 

Trans American Athletic Conference Third Place Team: Tom Nash, Jim Nabakowski. Doug Wilson. David 
Wagner. John Prater. 

Samford Tennis 


.es Longshore. Row 2: Joe Hughes, Mike Priestley, Lee McDaris. Not Pic- 
Crimes, Bob Vaughn. 

One true blessing that we 
have received at Sam ford is the 
low student-teacher ratio. This 
ratio plays a large part in the 
relationship between students 
and faculty members. Faculty 
members are always around the 
students, their doors are open 
for many hours of the day, they 
serve as advisors for several 
organizations, and they are will- 
ing to give more of themselves in 
order to help the students. 

With a little understanding, we 
make this happen. 



I been reallocated for 

ITWEB4 &30am & 1230 pm 

Samford University President 

Dr. & Mrs. Leslie Stephen Wright 

Ihl FH 

t - ^v IIUHIL i i 

• JOT 



lughter, Catherine Wright, to the Summer Mis: 

Sam ford University 
Board of Trustees 

L to R Row 1 : ( lharles W . Cross, Milliard Felton, Mrs. Joseph Ma. 
Gwin, Gerow Hodges. Row 2: Judge Virgil Pittman, Judge Roberl 
( laude M. Wamson, Austin Dean, James Stivender, Donald Brabsl 
Judge William Byrd, John Will Gay, Roberl Hall, Moultrie Sessi 

RaN FVarman. Mollis Rice. Bovce Albright. Judge H. H. Grooms, Dr.Ca 
Key, Uberl Nettles. Dr. Joseph Dixon. Frank Hards. Boyd Christenbei 
Row 3: W . V Ellis, Ben Brown. Leslie Wright. Roper Dial. George Bagl 
Dr. George Wilson, Richard Stockham, Ben Harrison 

President's Cabinet 

Dr. Tom Cleveland-Dean of Admis- 
sions and Director of Financial Aid 

Dr. H. Lindy Martin- Dean of Student 

Mr. Harry Scanlan-Development Di- 

Dr. Ruric Wheeler- Vice-President for 
Academic Affairs 

Mr. Evan Zeiger- Vice-President for 
Financial Affairs 

General Officers 

Dr. Travis Tindal- Registrar 

Dr. Neil Shepherd-Alumni Affairs Di- 


Dr. George Jackson-Extension Di- 
vision Director 

Dr. W. T. Edwards- University Chaplain Mr. Wilbur Helmbold- Librarian 

Miss Martha Ann Cox-Director of Women's Mr. George Blanks-Director of Men's Hous- 
Programs ing 

Mrs. Esther Burroughs- Director of Campus 

Mrs. Lena Hoffman -Director of Student Mr. Rich Lloyd -Student Center Manager 

Miss Mary Nell Frazier- Student Accounts Mr. Lew Arnold- Photographic Services 
Manager Director 

Mr. Forrest Cook-Coordinator of Educa- Mr. Bill Nunnelley, Information Services 
tional Co-op Program Director 

Mr. Michael White-Comptroller Miss Mary Wimberly- Information Spe- 


Academic Deans 

> »» ijiiiij 

Howard College of Arts and Sciences 
Dr. Lee N. Allen, Dean 

III w ^11 11 

H n I'll 

EMU r J 'UJ Is 

Ir if! 


*" t-" 


Cumberland School of Law 
Dr. Donald Corley, Dean 

School of Education 
Dr. Alto Garner, Dean 

School of Business 
Dr. William Geer, Dean 

School of Music 

Dr. Gene Black, Associate Dean 

Dr. Claude Rhea, Dean 

Health and Physicial Education: L to R, Seated: Mrs. Curtis Tanner, Dr. Dan MacMil- 
lan. Standing: Mr. John \rmstrong. Mr. John Havwood, Dr. Avalee Willoughby, Head; 
Miss Donna Dunaway. 

Home Economics: L to R Mrs. Gordon Eddins, Head; Mrs. Jack Ferguson, Mrs. Carl 
Chambers, Mrs. Alvin Sella. 

nrh n 

Biology: L to R, Seated: Mrs. Marione Embrv. Dr. Ellen McLaughlin, Miss Margaret 
Rush, Ms. Bett) Sparks. Standing: Dr. John Fincher, Dr. Tom Denton, Dr. Herbert Mc- 
Cullough. Dr. Robert Stiles. Dr. Mike Howell. Head: Dr. William Cox. 

Physics: L to R Dr. Henry Glotfelty, Dr. Perry Morton, Head. 

Mathematics: L to R, Row 1: Mrs. Joseph King, Mrs. Lenard Hudson. Row 2: Dr. Fred 
Kelley, Dr. Tom Cheatham. Row 3: Dr. W. D. Peeples, Head; Mr. George Crocker. 

Religion and Philosophy: L to R, Row I: Dr. Ronald Pn 
harm Join.-s. Row 2: Dr. W. I. Edwards, Dr. William ( 
Lunceford, Head. 

. Dr. Carl Whiriey, Dr. 

•n. Row 3: Dr. Mabn 


Foreign Language Department: L to R: Mrs. Bernice Hirsch, Dr. Max Gartman. Head: 
Mrs. Ann Sweeney, Mr-. Maralyn Mlgood. Not Pictured: Mrs. Charlotte Coleman, Mrs. 
Hilde von Landingham 

Chemistry Department; L to R Seated: Dr. Leven Hazlegrove. Head: Mrs. Hortense 
Jones. Standing: Dr. lames Haggard. Dr. James Langston. Dr. Ben Chastain. 

English Department: L to R Seated: Dr. Margaret Brodnav Mr-. Martha Brown. Mrs. 
Foll\ Powell. Standing: Mrv Frances Owens. Dr. Rav Atchison. Head: Dr. \anc\ Whitt. 
Dr. James Treadwax. Mrs. Olivia Wells. Dr. Charles Workman. Miss Catherine McNeil. 

V ill, 

W -'HIE 



If 1 

i' VM 


School of Music: L to R Seated: Dr. Irwin Rav, Mr. Wavne Cameron, Mr. Steve Nelson, Mrs. Eva White, Dr. 
Robert Dean. Dr. Bett\ Shepherd, Mrs. Eleanor Ousley. Standing: Mr. Timothv Banks. Mr. Witold Turkiewicz, Mr. 
Sieve Knight. Mr. Don Sanders, Mr. Kill Bugg, Mr. Bob Burroughs, Mr. Russell Hedger, Dr. Jim Jenson, Dr. Paul 
Hall. Mr. Bill Strickland. 



School of Nursing: L to R Row 1: Mrs. Rebecca Daugherty, Mrs. Martha Lee, Dr. Martha Hearn. Miss Dorothy 
Scott, Mrs. Judv Bourrand, Mrs. Shelbv Bailev, Mrs. Tulu Smith, Miss Metta Street, Mrs. Joyce Jones. Mrs. Cammie 
Quinn. Row 2:' Miss Carla Coppel, Miss Hollv Hurst, Mrs. Peggy Medlin, Mrs. Gretchen McDaniel, Ms. Judv Griffin. 
Mrs. Sharon Schlosser, Mrs. Darlene Renfroe. Row 3: Mrs. Joy Whatley, Mrs. Lisa Kizziah, Mrs. Frances Brown. 
Mrs. Phyllis Vaughan, Mrs. Jewel Carter, Miss Janice Thomas, Mrs. Feme Black, Mrs. Melinda Robertson, Miss 
Janice Morris, Mrs. Barbara Bullock, Mrs. Juanita Lewis, Mrs. Joyce West. Miss Linda Vinson. 


School of Pharmacy: L to R Row 1: Mr. T. Sam Roe, Dr. John Winner, Dr. Stanley Susina, Dr. Timothy Burelle, 
Miss Mildred Hollyhan. Row 2: Dr. John Sowell, Dr. George Saunders, Dr. Anthony McBride. 

i, Dr. Frances Carter, Dr. Jar 

School of Business: L to R Seated: Dr. Jo-Anne Gibson, Miss May Henson, Mr. Ralph Rozell, Mr. Lester Hollans. 
Standing: Dr. Melvin Smith, Dr. Everett Lemeron, Dr. Kenneth Van Sise, Dr. Paul Schatz, Mr. B. T. Gamble. Dr. 
Fred Hendon, Dr. William Geer. 

School of Law: L to R Seated: Dr. Kenneth Manning, Dr. Junes Hughes, Dr. Loren Bullock, Dr. Edwin Stem, Dr. 

Donald Corley, Dr. Joe Mclean. Dr. RebbcCS I Lapp, Dr. Ka\ Hutchena, Dr. Robert Riegert, Standing;: Dr. Howard 

Walthall, Dr. Joseph Blackburn, Dr. Larry I'utt. Dr. Calvin Howard. Dr. Thomas Stone. Dr. Mexan.ler Holla. Dr. 

Annette Dodd. Dr. Frank Donaldson. Dr. Sara (lark. Dr. Reggie (opeland. Dr Francs McGovem Dl William 

Wood, Dr. Charles Gamble, Dr. Hen Hards. Dr. Burk Bishop, Dr. Brad Bishop 

History Department: L to R Row 1: Dr. Leah Atkins, Dr. Carolyn Satterfield, Dr. David 
Yess. Head. Row 2: Mrs. Marlene Rikard, Mrs. Frances Hamilton. Not Pictured: Dr. 

James Brown. 

The boundaries between 
classes don't exist at Sam ford. 
Incoming Freshmen are greeted 
and aided by Upperclassmen 
during Orientation. The only real 
competition arises during Step 
Sing, and, even then, the com- 
petitive spirit remains control- 

With a little understanding, we 
make this happen. 


>\^>''/ s -fV 



Freshman Class Officers: L to R, Row 1: Lisa Littlejohn, Secretary; Beth Wood, Treasurer. Row 2: Ben Pugh. President: Wendell Sheffield, 

Ken Alford 
Doug Adair 
Mitch Allen 
Cynthia Andersor 
Robert Anderson 



Stephanie Krc 

John Bryan 
Julie Bryant 

Doug Compher 
Tim Conyera 
|ci\ Cooper 
Leigh Creasmai 
Bob Crone 

Eddie Davis 

Mania Davis 
Melanie Debusm 
Bill Decker 

Dolores DiChian 

Sand} Dillard 
Cindy Duke 
David Dunn 
Don Eades 
Brenda Edwards 

Jennel Eisenmann 
(Catherine Ekhater 
Denise Ellison 
Pam Erwin 
Alison Estes 

Karen Estes 
Tommy Evans 
Carole Faught 
Jim Faulkner 
Cheryl Fleming 

(ieorge Foremar 
Angela Foster 
David Franklin 
Kathv Freeman 
l.inda ' ■.nil. inl 

mm dm 

limmj Norman 
Katherine I (wens 
Marj Ellen Palmer 
Mike IVasall 
Jon Poling 

Hoi) Poole 
Rare., Prevail* 
( eleste Prickel 
Dwight Prince 

Ben Pugh 

Tim Ridgwa\ 

David Robertson 
Jami Robertson 
Marv Uaire Robinson 
Julie Rousseau 
Angie Rowell 

Alex Ruflner 
Wendj Ryan 
Hi.l.\ ii Searc) 
Kim Seehorn 

Wendall Sheffield 


Jo\ Lynn Stephens 
I ynne Stephens 
reresa Standifer 

Dana Stroud 
lohn Stroud 

Karol Torry 
Robin Trimble 
David Turbeville 
Richard I mphrey 
Marv I nderwood 

Tim I nderwood 
Ricky Vawter 
David Wagner 
Kalhy Wagner 
Susan Waid 


Tami Bailes 
Mars Mice Bank- 
April Barber 
Donna Barrow 
Teresa Beasle\ 

Pennej Ben/ 
Gay Berrv 
Vanre Blaekh 
Katrina Blackwood 
Tracs Bol/le 

\14J i 

Jams Burt 
Linda Campbell 

Laura Faught 
Carol Faulkner 
Tom Femekea 
Phyllis Fleming 
F«\ Ellen Foetei 

Mar) Beth Frahler 
I i-.i Frosl 
r y la Garret! 
Inn Gillespie 
Nancj Gore 

Gail Hammond 
Marie Hammack 
Leslie Hancock 
Brenda A. Hardv 
Brenda L. Hardy 

Mark Harris 
Sharon Harvev 
Nancy Hazard 
Steve Heartsill 
Gay Hembree 

\ mi I aurance 
\rm I awless 
Robert Lawson 
Doug Leslej 
Joyce Lill) 

Jupie Lindley 
Jeff Little 
Thomas MacQut 

lulie Massengale 
Suzanne Matlock 
Tim McCain 
Darlene McCall 
Merri McElveen 

Mittie McCartj 
Madonna Merkling 
Mark Middlebrooka 

(.aria Miller 
Karl Minor 

Sharon Mitchell 
Jill Mood) 
Allison Morris 
ustx Murraj 

Vlison Payne 
Lee Petera 

Darlene Peoples 
Sylvia Pettwa) 

Lewis Phillips 

Ia } Plyler 
Jim Pond 

Greg Poole 
Kath) Privette 
Rachel Rachielles 

Connie Roebuck 

Sharon Smith 
\\ illiam Smith 

i ind) Speigner 

l.e- Vim Splawn 

Philip Stone 
Creg Taylor 

Tamara Tillma 
Bob Tomlinsor 
Anita Travlor 
Linda Tribble 

Cheryl Van Arsdale 

Bob \ auphn 
Kim Vinson 

Wendelvn tt aller 
Tammy U alker 

Theresa W alker 
\\ end) W esterhouse 
Dune White 
Marcus Whitman 
\nna Williams 

Berkt Williams 
Mar) Vnn Wilson 
Steve Wood 
K 1 1 1 \ \\ oodyard 
Angie Woot'en 

t i . W i ll 

— .^.•_ iff 



Junior Class Officers: L to R Carol Ridgeway, Secretary; Cathy Cunningham, Treasurer; Greg Roberson. Vice-President; Ann Paschall. Presider 

Lauri Adair 
Maggie Adams 
Susan Achord 
David Acuff 
Elaine Anchors 

Jeff Askew 
Ralph Baker 
Robert Barge 
Brian Barlow 

Beverl) Baugher 
Jon Bechtel 

Peter Benes 
Donna Benson 

John BerpquiM 
Bill Berrv 
Anna Billingsle) 
Sand) Bloodworth 
Sand\ Booth 

Mark Davis 
David Dodd 
William Dow 

lanene Elmore 
Marion Eubank 
Steve Eubanks 

Boh Farmer 
Teresa Finney 
Lee Franklin' 
Damn Frazier 
David Freeman 

Mark. Fuller 
Teresa Fuller 
Da\ id George 
(ieorge (Albert 
Claire (iillam 


Cheryl Hayward 

Vi a\ne llutcher 
Jerrel Ive) 
Gndy [vie 

Chip Jackson 
Judi Jackson 

e Jernigan 

Greg Judav 
David Karn 
Margaret Keith 
Diane Kidd 
Chris Kihn 

Marsha King 
Fred Kingren 
George Kitchens 
Steve Lankford 
Ben Lavender 


Dale Milligan 
Robi Mills 
Pam Morris 
lim Nabakowski 
Tom Nash 

Karen Neele) 
Uice Neill 
Clenda Nolan 
Tom Noland 
David Northcu 

Kath) Perrigin 

Susie Perrine 
Pam Phelps 
Janice Plowden 
Jam.- PollitZ 

Ellen Shivers 
Greg Shivers 
Salan Shorroah 
Candhi Shreekai 
Cil Simmons 

Richard Smith 

Wanda Sheets 
Sharon Spiceland 

Bob Stephens 
Bonnie Stewart 
Hind) Stuart 
Peppy Tavlor 
Tim Tcherneshoff 

Bill Teem 
Lvnn Thapard 
Julie Thomason 
Beth Thornley 
Lisa Tomlin 

Richard Williams 
Edward Williamson 
Susan W inchester 
Kath) Windham 
lack) Windsor 

km. Woodham 
Charles Woods 
David Wraj 
Monte Wrighl 
I VII Yarhrough 


Senior Class Officers: L to R Renae Stewart. Secretary: Keith Martin. Vice-President: Susie Parr. Treasurer; Lee Ann Lofty. President. 

David Allen 
Tommy Allen 

(larol Amis 
Kathleen Amsburv 
Debra Anderson 
Jim Anderson 

Jane Kllen Anderton 

Joan Bissetl 
David Blanton 
Lynn Bowers 
Beih Bounds 

Robert Boyd 

Ann Branch 
Leslie Bra-sell 
Nancj Brazil 

Donna Brown 
H,. I. Burkell 

Helen Hurl,,,, 

Bruce ( aldwell 

Mark Cain 
Jan Callender 
Mike Calverl 
Cind) Campbell 


John Cl 
David ( 
Theresa ( Parser 
Marigene Chamberlain 

David Chamblee 
Charles Chandler 
Jeff Clayton 

Jane Clendinning 

Robert (.lough 
Crockett Cobble 

Ralph Cook 

Francois Coutu 
Karen Cowley 
Tim Crawford 
Dennis Culbreth 

Patricia (..Iber! 
Mark Codwin 

katherme (*>odh 

Debbie Gr 
Richard «. 

Donald Hallford 

Mark Hammond 
Linda Marlon 
Gwenke Ham- 
Tom Hart 

Kath> Hohibec 
Dtvid Hunter 

Susan Inpouf 
Pai-\ Ingram 

Kirn Jackson 
Mark [ackson 
lohn Jernigan 
Christ) Johns.., 

Cyndi Johnson 
Johnnj Johns,,, 
Dan Johnston 
Kath) lohnston 

Dennis Jordan 
Beck) Justus 
Karen Kinjj 
Karen Kell) 

Jaci Keene 
Janet Kiser 
Ernest Kochei 
Cheryl Kreinu 

Lucia Kuykendall 
Beck) K%le 
Sam Lee 
Lonette Lamb 

Susan Lamb 

Ray Lea 
(and) Lindle) 

Patricia Montgomery 
Robert Moon 
Jerri Moody 
Sam Moore 

David Moreland 

Lisa Ovi 

Connor Owi 

Tim Owens 

Julie Pugh 

Kim l'ur\is 
Terr) Quinr, 
Thomas Quin 

Lynn Randa 
( arol Raj 
Can Read 

Elizabeth Rhodes 
Randall Rich 
Dan Roebuck 
Cindy Rosser 

Sandi Rosser 
David Saint 
Julie SaUer 
Sara Sanchez 

Phil Standridge 
Debbie Stephens 
I'.rrx Stephens 

losie Stickrod 
Rebecca Stowe 
Susan Stowe 

Beth Strozier 
Man Stubblefield 
leffer) Sutton 
I'ai Swearingen 

Gar* Tadlocl 
Neal Talbott 
IVI.ra Talle> 

Dave Tarplej 
Hill Tatum 
Mark Tev, 
Tim Thomas 

Hubert Thompsor 
Susan Todd 
Rhonda Trotter 
MpI I nderwood 

Rosemarj Weeklej 
Joseph \\ enclawiak 
Dale Whitmire 
Melinda W iggins 

Penn) Wilhite 
Bruce Willis 

\lar\ Hell, \\ ise 

Steve \\ isner 

The organizations at Samford 
are invaluable. They participate 
in Step Sing, they provide mu- 
sical entertainment, and such 
services as the Book Exchange. 
They sponsor such activities as 
Adopt-a-Child, the Summer Mis- 
sions Carnival, and Christian 
Emphasis Week. They produce 
publications such as THE SAM- 
NOUS. These groups provide the 
opportunity for students to ex- 
press and to be recognized for 
special talents. 

With a little extra effort, we 
make this happen. 



L to R Row 1: Angle Wooten. Susan Rilev, Lisa Dunning, Jerri Moody, Beth Bounds. Jo Adams. Row 2: Cynthia Brown. Stuart Wiggins. Kay 
Chasteen. Alan Sizemore, Sheryl Beck, Jill' Moody. Not Pictured: Sue Hendrix, Wendelvn Waller. Kenny Walker. Joe Martin. Mac Edwards. 
\\ iikImi Kelly. 


L to R Row 1: Ken Alford, Tammv talker, Brenda Hardv, Tami Clifton, Melissa Woods. Charles Woods. Karen Este-, Lois Cillis. June Jernigan. 
Bill Teem. Row 2: Fred Kingren, Maurice Miller, Bill Berry, Chuck Rogers, Ray Lea. Mark Kahler. 



L to R Seated: Reese Bagwell, Kaye Smith, Kay Puckett. Standing Row 1: Steve Carmichael. Emily Kelley. 
Mike Hudson, Ken Prevatte, David Blanton, Laura Coons, Neal Talbot. Row 2: Kenny Headley. Johny Johns 
Williams, Tom MacQueen, Ralph Barker, Steve Walker, Robbie Jackson, Tim Parker. 

wen Houston, Yolanda Hogeland. 
i, Craig Huggart. Row 3: Richard 


Circle K 

L to R Row 1: Mars Rainwater, Lynn Becker, Kathv \msbury, Trini Posev. Paige Reece. Row 2: Allen Veatch. Jerrel Ives. President; Scott) 
Morgan. Dan Calvert, Treasurer. Not Pictured: Irish Swedlaw, Secretary- Hurbert Thompson. Tim Owens. Tim McCain, Rosemary Weekly. 
Steve Perry man. 

Student Activities Council 

Greg Powell 


Student Activities 


L to R: David Hodges, Robert Clough, Lee Ann Lofty, Greg Powell, Alan Sizemore, Lee Franklin. Ben Pugh. 

Bryan Owens 
Student Association President 



Efc t^fr 

C i 


Mlk 11 

Tracey Kelley 


Student Development 

Student Senate 

L to R Row 1: Donna Brown, Jov Berger, Sharon Harvev. Kathv Cuarisco. Madonna Merklmg. Row 2: Pal 
Jones, Keith Robison, Graham Russell, Tim Evans, Jeff Lockman. Row 3: Fred kingren, Gharles Davis. Butch 

Hypatia: L to R Row 1: Debbie Heard, Rhonda Moses, Becky Averyt, Karen Kyle. Row 2: Mrs. Betty Shepherd. Lisa Dunning. Eleanor Wells. 
Theresa Carver. Susan Ingouf. 


Omicron Delta Kappa: L to R Row 1: Keith Martin, Art Holloway, Ken Griffin, David George, Mark Cain, Peter Sims, Wayne Hutchens. 
Charles Woods, Keith DeBell. Row 2: Lisa Dunning, Cindy hie, Sharon Spiceland, Leanne Mullins. Lesley Tucker. Joy Berger. Kim Hayes, Ann 
Paschall, Lauri Adair, Tracv Bolzle, Cindy Powell, Becky Averyt, Gloria Parvin, Kathy Windham. Donna Solomon. June Jernigan. Kathy 
Matthews, Sandy McNabb. Mr. Timothy Banks. Row 3: John Martin, Jeff Clayton, Clay Smith. Lynn Smith. Windsu Kellv. Tracv Kelley. Debbie 
Heard, Kathv Perrigin. Shervl Beck, Beth Bounds, Jennifer Young. Katherine Goodhue, Sandv Booth. Mary Jane Hagan. Row 4: Al Mohler, Dr. 
Neil Shepherd. Johnny Vann, Keith Robison, Brvan Owens, Steve Eubanks. Fred Kingren.' 



H* 1 

Ei 1 A l 1 

PH/ EL4 S/GM4 

(Oregon Mumi|m>wci 
Nance Blackburn 
Derek Jones 
Smart Atkinson 

David Dunn 
James Barnett- 
Marcus W hitn 
Brent Bush 

Edward Newberg 

Darrell Robersoi 

Stephen Ogden 
Scott McCullough 
Mark Kahler 
Fred kingren 



tta Littlejohn 

Jem Blessing 

Katherine Freeman 


helle Keener 


„!„., Rilej 

Mho Martin 

Ali.c Brown 

Linda Caill.rd 




a Rousseau 

inia Murph) 

Julia Bryan 

Liu Helton 


, Mi Vn.ill, >j 


rea 1 Hvej 

1 aria Davii 

Irene Henlej 


is Miller 


ina Smith 

ene Peoples 

Marcia Davis 

l.iin.ic Henry 


in Millei 

via Snidei 

il Riggins 

Melanie Debuama 

, Holl) Hickman 

( M 

this Newman 


an Stephen. 

y Smith 

1 eleate Ellerbe 

( heryl Hudson 

( el 

«te Pricketl 



isc Bearden 

Teresa Finne> 

Mar) \nn Kahler 


, Reece 


W lard 

Debate Team: L to R: Larry Roberts, Mike Dwyer, Melanie Gardner, Holly Hickman. 

Sigma Tau Delta: L to R Row 1: Sarah Anne Grant, Dr. Margaret Brodnax, Lois Gillis, Chervl Cotton. Tammv Graves, Irma Cruse. Row 2: 
Angie Woolen. Andrea Garnett, June Jernigan, Kathy Matthews. Row 3: Keith Burkhead, Teddy Peek, Bill Berry, Hubert Thompson, David 
Clendinning, Mark Brown. 

Association for Childhood Education: L to R Row 1: Gigi Mclntvre, Jane Scruggs. Sherry Gullv. Kathv Guariseo. Robvn King. Mona Banks. 
Diane Hilburn, Lea Jones. Dee Pitard. Row 2: Robi Mills, Elaine Mclntire, Nancy Brazil. Lisa \X illiams, Mars Bell, \\ ise, Carol Mien. Pani Foy. 
Row 3: Jupie Lindley, Denise Green, Dr. Francis Carter, Bill Berry, Terri Ratiiff. 

Music Educators National Conference: L to R Row 1: Leslie Hancock. I -an,,.- Mullins, I heryl Shelton. Row 2: 
Glenda Nolan, Chria Kihn, Margaret Keith. Row 3: San.K VUlie. Janice Bovwnan. Jerry Olson. Row 4: Nisni 
Perrine, Ed Evins. 

Sigma Delta Pi: L to R Row 1: Mrs. Allgood, Marigene Chamberlain, Sara Sanchez, Lynn Shelley. Row 2: Anita Jones, Carole Fite. Row 3: 
Lynn Smith. Mary Lovd Smilie. Row 4: Robert Sanderson, Brian Austin. 

Nu Epsilon Delta: L to R Seated: Lynn Thagard, Carolyn Parker, Julia D'Andrea. Carol Yancey. Standing: Dean Margaret Siz, 

Angel Flight: L to R Row 1: Ann Sheffield, Merri McElveson, Sandy Bloodworth, Linda Harlow. Kathv Perrigin. Sharon Spiceland, Denisa 
Niekell. Row 2: Elaine Mclntire, Suzanne Schuessler, Joette Shelton, Marrianne Havward, Nancv Hazard,' Susan Hemmer. Row 3: Pam Jones, 
Cindy Slate, Penny Huggins, Heidi Kleinman. Row 4: Melanie Norton, Brenda Hardy, Alison Payne, Julie Walters. Row 5: Debbie Shoemaker, 
Sherri McClendon, Robyn King, Janet Eubank. Row 6: Sharon Smith, Connie Roebuck. Row 7: Angela Scheffel. Debra Logan. Colonel Gordon 

Phi Chi Thcta: L to R Ro 
Sharon Harvey, Debbie Tally, 
Leigh Beasley. 

ith. Row 2: Madden Moffett. Mar 

,. Beth Hudson, Debbie 

A Cappella Choir 

L to R Row 1: K,-th Smith. Melanie SeweU, Beth Minchin, Marv Prather. Shervl Garner. Cathy Hall. Leslie Hancock. Beth Thornlev. Cathv 
Waddle, Kath) Hester, Jill Mallory, Susan Kyle, Leanne Mullins, Jane Brvan. Glenda Nolan, Allison Morris. Tricia Montgomery, Michelle 
Stidham, Susie I'arr. Row 2: Gloria Parvin, Carolyn Noss, Cathv Dungan, Britt Durham, Cindy Westbrook. Jenny McLemore. Cindy Ivie. Melissa 
Martin. Beth Wright. Lynn Edwards, Laura Helms. Karen Rice, Cathy Cook. Kim Tyner, Darlene McCall. Pam Morris. Cheryl Shelton. Row 3: 
Kim Miller. Mitch I.oftin. \lvin Reid. Alan Graham, Jeff Askew. TonvWebb. Bubba Eubanks. David Walker. Ken Schroeder. Tom Noland. Hugh 
Tyner, John Davis, Lee Hawk, John Campbell. John McClendon. Monte Wright. Row 4: Larry Anthony. Lee Harris. Joe Carter. Ed Evins. Tom 
Arail, Steve Skinner, Bob Moon, Bill Dixon. Jeff rVndrews, Mike Norris. Gary Mhoon, Keith Martin. Wes Haley. Tim Odom. Greg Roberson. 
Anthony Turner. Steve Wallace. 

University Chorale 

L to R Row 1: Dr. Irwin Rav, Kelly Young, Dale Whitmire, Lynn Thagard, Suzanne Justic 
Evans, Sarah Ruddick, Flo Penn. Row 2: Steve Yeargin, Christy Torbert. Nancy Johnson. Fi 
Jeter, Peggy Taylor, Gay Smith, Carol Riggins, Anna Williams, Jada Walker, Renae Stewa 
Deaver. Row 3: Robert Barge, Dan Cilliland, John Rowland, Don Howard, Mark Hutto, 
Eperson, Steve Pole, Tim Thomassian, Randy Aline, Russell Snow, David Pate. Ken Preval 
Carroll, Tom Miller, Bill Richardson, Lewis Phillips, Don Macon, Darryl Wilson, Jerry Olsoi 
Brenton, Bobby Boutwell, Bob Stephens, Stan Campbell, Rodney Parrish, Dalen Jackson, 

. Amy Pitts. Julie Massengale. Clenda Penland, Jane 
v Fllen Foster. Jane Scruggs. Lisa Clemore. Margaret 
: t, Susie Perrine, Sandy Wylie. Becky Justice, Tim 
Emmett Wingfield. Jeff Reynolds. Paul Hill. Mark 
te, Elzie Self, Jim Harper, Rick Green. Row 4: Tim 
, Chris Shepherd. Ralph Baker, Tim Crawford, M!ke 
Ralph Bryant. 

University Chorale Officers: L to R Row 1: Sandy Wvlir, Secretary; Lynn Thagard. Librarian; Rei 
Stewart, Culinarj \rts. Row 2: Dan Cilliland. Manager; Tim Thomauian, President; Rick (ire. 
Vice-President; Kminrll \\ iugfii-ld. Treasurer. 

BSU Choir 

L toR Row 1: Keith Marl 
Sand) Wylie, Pegg) Tayle 
Carter, Jane Ellen VnderK 
Denise Burton, Angela Fosl 
Sail} Blass, Windsu Kelly, 
Jackson. Tom Heard. Ban 

en Neelev, Renae Stewart, Nancv Johnston, Jo Sims. Cindv Speigner. Lvnn Smith. Jane Heilman. Susan Todd. 
on Smith. Terri Ratliff, Tami Clifton, Linda Tribble. Katherine Owens. Bonnie Stewart. Karen Broad. Jane 
i I v Kellev. Row 2: Kathv Windham, Sandra Nix, Kim Seehorn, Susan Ingouf. Anita Smith, Ellen Shivers, 
anie Sewell, Gav Cilliland', Allison Morris, Carol Hoffman. Karen Stokes. Fav Fuller. Shasta Parker, Kim Haves. 
Brassell, Lauri Adair, Sharon Holbert. Row 3: Robert Sanderson. VanceBlackbum. Chris Shepherd. Dalen 
McKay, Vernon Thornton, Phil Bovles. Richard Williams. Joe Vickers. Ken Schroeder. Wavne Richardson. David 

. Boh Stephens. John Wilson. Chuck Rogers. Mac Edwards. Row 4: Phil Stone, Keith Wvli< 
Hutchens, Jeff Reynolds, Lewis Phillips. Randv Gambrell. Saint Green, Don Macon. John Rowland. Gary Sher 
Games. Tim Evan's, Scott Hayter, Charles Woods. 

), Tom Hall. David 

Koinonia: L to R Row 1: Gina Brown, Susan Achord. Row 2: Kevin Landgrave, Ed Newberg, Jami Robertson, Eddie Landers, Glenn Stepher 
Row 3: John Clendinning, Dan Jones, Nathan Phillips, Mike Peasall. 

Jazz Ensemble: L to R Seated: David Gainea, Kenneth White, Dawd Long, David Dodd, Dr Jim lenaon Robert Barge Witold rurkiewia 
Hank Peck. Standing: Mark Long, lohn Qemoiu, Don Howard, Mark Godwin, David Brown, Bill Monk. 

Delta Omicron: L to R Row 1: Cindv Ivie. I.eanne ' 
las lor. Leslej Tucker, Glenda Nolan, Gloria Parvin, K 
Lori Markley, Carla Miller. Susan Lamb. Robyn Searcj 
Kim Vinson, Kitt) Henry, Britt Durham. Jane Brvan 
Smith. Sand) Wylie, Karen Fitzmorris, Janet Dicks. 
Darlene McCall. 

lullins, Susie Parr. Row 2: Lea Jones. Beth Minchin. Beth Smith. Suzanne Justice, Peggv 
m Haves. Joni Moses, Carol Thomas. Lvnn Edwards. Row 3: Shervl Carner. Luann Smith, 

Connie Hurston, Cena Brown, Sandv Amoss. Kim Renz. Marsha Roberts. Allison Morris. 

Row 3: Rhonda Moses, Jeanette Smith. Liz Dendv. Sheila Gilliam. Marva Horner. Gav 
n, Patricia Montgomery, Elaine Fulford. Dale Whitmire. Susan Achord, Laura Helms, 

Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia: L to R Row 1: Lvnn Edwards, Cindv Ivie, Susie Parr. Cathy Hall. Jennv McLemore. Row 2: Tom Arail. Jeff Clayton. 
Jeff Askew. Gar) Mhoon, Greg Roberson, Mitch Loftin, Anthony Turner. John Rowland. Wes Haley, Row 3: Monte Wright. Creg Judav.' Tim 
Deaver, Chris Kihn, lack Painter. Phillip Thomas, Steve Skinner. Row 4: Ken Carr. Robert Lawson. John Davis. David Caines. Mark Ladd.Kadar 
Jones. Miles Strickland. Row 5: Don Macon. Randv Roberts. Lewis Phillips. Alan Johns. Bob Stephens. Row 6: Art Hollowav. Jeff Lockman. 
Derek Jones. Tin, Odom. Mvin Reid, Paul Hill, Mac Edwards. Row 7: Jerrv Olson. David Moreland. Vernon Thornton. Joe Vickers, Jon Kitchens. 

Math Club: L to R Row 1: Rick Williams. Kathv Windham, Phil Standridge. Julie Salser, Dr. Tom Cheatham. Row 2: Dr. Fred kellev . Cheryl 
Hudson. Hills Wilson. Joe Howe. Susie Schuessler. Jane Evans. Celeste Prickett. Michelle Milton. Carol Spears. Mrs. Mar) Hudson. Row 3: Mr. 
George Crocker, Mars Ellen Palmer, David Palmer, Rick Farrar, Dr. W. D. Peeples, Mark Davis. Vance Blackburn, W end) Smith. Robbie Dudley, 
Mrs. Dottie King. 

French Club: L to R Row 1: Dr. Max Cartman, Kathy Cochran, Vigdis Aune, Susan Riley, katrina Blackwood. Lisa Frost, Mrs tnnSwi 
Row 2: Irene Henley, Wend> R\an. \lisa Bern. <.md\ Riles, Mark Brown, George Kanakis. Row 3: Paige Reece, Edie Smith, Max) Ellen Palm 
Lee Franklin.Robbie Dudley, Helen Burton, Windsu Kelly, Lee Howell, Susan Burgess, J<>\ Cooper. 

Home Economics Club: L to R Seated: Gina Smith, Ann Ferguson, Karen Cowlev, Pennev Benz. Elaine Anchors. Marv Jane Hagan. Standing: 
Susan Winchester. Lucia Kuvkendall, Marjorie Fulmer, Jennel Eisenmann, Sandy Bloodwor'th. Kathy McKinley, Jaci Keene. Karen Green. Cathy 
Ha\ens, Man Prather, Carroll Sessions, Debby Gordon, Marion Carter 

infnnfl r . r ' 

^^^r v ■ ^^^v ^^^m ™ 


• «H »/■ vH ,. nB 

— -^ J- 1 *^—^ 

Gamma Sigma Sigma: L to R Row 1: Margaret Jeter, Natalie Buckley, Carol Allen. Yolanda Hogeland. Belinda Smith. Wendy Lang, Candy 
Phillips. Row 2: Carole Faught. Mary Kahler, Karen Price, Tammy Graves. Cindy Lindley. Mary Underwood. Jupie Lindley. Brenda Jackson. 


Campus Ministries: L to R Row 1: Kim Vinson, Karen Cowley. Woods Watson, Melanie Fain, Lvnn Averv, Keith Martin, Cindv Walker. Roi 
2: Travis Collins. Al Mohler, Debbie Heard, Cary Sherrer, Dan Jones, Ginger Sims, Robert Clough. 

Church R( 
Chamblee. Rov 
Susan Burgess, 

Club: L to R Row l: Barrj Tice, Jo.. Roebuck, Rod Poovey, Chuck Walker. Row 2. Debbie Heard, Lynn Uery, David 
3: Dr. Da.. Ma. iMillan, Steve Wiener, Sheryl Beck, Donna Brow... Jan.- Ellen fcnderton, Grace Emmanuel. Row 4: Mike W eddle, 
Tim Ridgeway. Row 5 : Dean McDaniel, Jimmj Taylor, David Blanton 

Alpha Phi Omega 

L to R Row 1: Kim Ha\es. Carol Hoffman. Pam Smith, Lisa Williams, Michelle Forbv, Leslie Brassell. Row 2: Tim Evans. Joe Turner. Frank 
Jenkins. Garj Sherrer. Buddy Fisher. Row 3: Charles Woods. Billy Williams. Phil Stone, Peter Sims. David Dodd. Rick Williams. Row 4: Dean 
McDaniel. Donald Hallford! Bobby Boutwell, Scott Davies, Keith DeBell. Randy Cambrell. Row 5: Ken Prevatte. Paul Acthison, Tim 
Tcherneshoff. Chuck Rogers, Phil Speer. Row 6: Brain Barlow. Ken Griffin. Kenneth Headley. Joe Nickers, Jim Barnette. 

Ministerial Association 

L to R Row 1: Laurie Canant. Rave Smith. Renae Sellers. Owen Houston, Cindv Krazit. Kav Puckett. Row 2: John Prater. Wall NunnalU . Ste%e 
Thompson. Karl Minor. Al Mohler. Row 3: Kevin McCravv. Stan McFall. Keith Wvlie. Barrv Holland. Row 4: Mark Tummins. Phil Snodgrass. 
Joe Smith. Row 5: Tom Heard, Bill Decker, Ralph Baker, Craig Huggard. Row 6: Clav Smith. Phil Bovles. Perrv Cash. Dannv Deaton. Martv Hoi- 

Ministerial Association Officers: L to R Steve Thompson. Keith Wylie, Clay Smith. Walt Nunnally. Al Mohler. Lynn Smith. Karl Min 


Compliments of 




Rings 'n Things 

Your one-stop shop 

Fraternity and sorority jewelrj 

Special order jewelrj 

Customized jerseys and tee shirts with sewn-on 

Party favors 

■ Engravable gifl and jewelry 

* Trophies and plaques 

* Blankets, towels, laundrj bags, totes 

* \lufi> and glassware 

* Personalized stationary, playing cards, note: 

* Lots and lots of things 

* Special gifts for special people 

2825 IHih Street South 

help sou find it 

Hours: 10:00 KM. - 5:30 P.M. 






Adjacent to Brookwood Village 

Phone -871-5283 


NIASE Certified Mechanic Proprietor 


Compliments of 








"Located in the Student 

HOURS: 7:45 -4:00 P.M. 

A Complete Selection 

Study Outline 
Art Supplies 
Paper Goods 


Stationen Items 

"Flowers and Gifts for all 

Martin Flowers, Inc, 




1931 11th AVE. SO. 933-0420 


sillades Mountain Baptist Church 


— Dr. Charles T. Carter, Pastor — 


8:15 A.M. Early Worship Service 

(September — May) 

9:30 A.M. Collegiate Bible Study 

10:50 A.M. Morning Worship Service 

6:00 P.M. Collegiate Discipleship Training 

7:15 P.M. Evening Worship Service 


5:30 P.M. Fellowship Supper 

6:15 P.M. The Bible and Prayer Hour 

7:15 P.M. Visitation 

7:30 P.M. Sanctuary Choir Rehearsal 


At the top of the mountain on Green Springs Highway in Vestavia Hills 


Next to the Brookwood Theatre 


L r ^JfcS) PIZZA 

IZ7A LOVER ^Vf^^l ^P^ 

^V -* ^^^^^ • R A V 10 L l_» SP AG H E TT I 

mj ^m NOON s 

1905 Hoover Court ( 






Hours: 10:30 Am till 

Orders Prepared 

for takeout 


800 Greensprines Hwy. 
(next to K-Mart) 

Pinball 60 Item Salad Bar 

Big Screen TV Sandwiches 

10c Juke Box Thin Crust & Deep Dish Pizza 

''Wednesday Night Is College Night" 



$afiUU €/9MicA 

1815 Patton Chapel Road 


Eugene R. Nail, Pastor 
Teaching the Now Book, 

The Bible 
To the Now Generation 
Schedule of Sunday Activities 
8:30 a.m. Early Worship 
9:45 a.m. Sunday School 
1 1 : 00 a.m. Morning Worship 
6:00 p.m. Church Training 
7:00 p.m. Evening Worship 




2600 Vestavia Drive 


Sundav: Bible Study-9:00 a.m. 

Worship-10:00 a.m.. 6:30 p.m. 
Church Training-7:15 p.m. 

Wednesday: Fellowship Supper-6:10 p.n 
Praver Meeting-7:00 p.m. 

Transportation Provi(le(l-679-5920 

C. Otis Brooks, Pastor 

1980 ENTRE NOUS Staff 

Editor Lisa Dunning 

Business Manager Sue Hendrix 

Student Life Beth Bounds 

Greeks Jo Adams 

Alan Sizemore 

Features Windsu Kelly 

Sports Kay Chasteen 

Wendelyn Waller 

Faculty Sheryl Beck 

Jill Moody 

Classes Angie Wooten 

Organizations Jerri Moody 

Susan Riley 

Layout Design Stuart Wiggins 

Kenny Walker 

Photographers Joe Martin 

Mac Edwards 

Cynthia Brown 

Advisor Miss Martha Ann Cox 

As I put the finishing touches on the 1980 ENTRE NOUS, I think about the people to whom I owe a great deal of ap- 
preciation. Without the help of these individuals, the production of this yearbook would have been an 
impossible task. 

I would like to thank: Mrs. Floy Blane, for her patience and helpful hints; my staff, for their time and effort; Sheryl 
Beck and Jill Moody, for staying with me until they had completed their job; Sue Hendrix, for taking the job of Business 
Manager and for an excellent ENTRE NOUS Pageant; Jerri Moody, for her dedication and her never failing to answer 
one of my "panic" phone calls; Charles Woods, for his unending supply of pictures; my sorority sisters, who gave me 
encouragement and support throughout the year; Miss Cox, Dean Martin, Dr. Wright, and the Board of Trustees, who 
very rarely get the credit and thanks that they deserve. 

I would also like to take this opportunity to remind all students that this yearbook should not be taken for granted. 
The ENTRE NOUS is a service to the students, but, if the students do not support it. who is the ENTRE NOUS serving? 
IF you have an opportunity to buy an ENTRE NOUS next year, do not hesitate to take it. 

df/jOs UWrvnMnQ 





With a little extra effort, with a 
little understanding, with a little 
cooperation, we make this work. 
We put it together. We make it 


Administration 704 

Academic Deans 7 72 

Board of Trustees 707 

General Officers 709 

President's Cabinet 708 

President Wright 706 

Advertisements 794 

Appreciation 205 

Classes 722 

Freshmen 724 

Juniors 744 

Seniors 754 

Sophomores 734 

Dedication 8 

Faculty 704 

Art 7 77 

Biology 7 74 

Chemistry 7 76 

English 7 7 7 

Foreign Language 776 

Health and Physical Education 7 74 

History 720 

Home Economics 7 74 

Mathematics 7 75 

Physics 7 75 

Religion and Philosophy 7 75 

School of Business 7 79 

School of Education 7 79 

School of Law 7 79 

School of Music 7 78 

School of Nursing 7 78 

School of Pharmacy 7 78 

Sociology 7 76 

Speech and Dramatic Arts 777 

Features 72 

ENTRE NOUS Favorites 84 

Friendliest 75 

Greek God and Goddess 74 

Miss ENTRE NOUS Pageant 82 

Miss Homecoming 76 

Mr. and Miss Samford 77 

Special Award Winners 87 

Who's Who 78 

Greeks 46 

Alpha Delta Pi 50 

Chi Omega 52 

Delta Zeta 54 

Interfraternity Council 49 

Kappa Delta 56 

Lambda Chi Alpha 58 

Panhellenic Council 48 

Phi Mu 60 

Pi Kappa Alpha 62 

Pi Kappa Phi 64 

Sigma Nu 66 

Zeta Tau Alpha 68 

Organizations 768 

A Cappella Choir 782 

Alpha Lambda Delta 7 77 

Alpha Phi Omega 790 

Angel Flight 787 

Association for Childhood Education 7 79 

BSU Choir 784 

Campus Ministries 789 

Church Recreation Majors Club 788 

Circle K 7 73 

CRIMSON Staff 7 77 

Debate Team 778 

Delta Omicron 786 

ENTRE NOUS Staff 7 70 

French Club 787 

Gamma Sigma Sigma 789 

Home Economics Club 788 

Hypatia 7 76 

Jazz Ensemble 785 

Koinonia 785 

Math Club 787 

Ministerial Association 792 

Music Educators National Conference 7 79 

Nu Epsilon Delta 780 

Omicron Delta Kappa 7 76 

Phi Chi Theta 787 

Phi Eta Sigma 7 77 

Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia 786 

Sigma Delta Pi 780 

Sigma Tau Delta 7 78 

Student Activities Council 7 74 

Student Senate 7 75 

University Chorale 783 

WVSU-FM 772 

Sports 88 

Basketball 94 

Cagerettes 99 

Cheerleaders 99 

Golf 700 

Intramurals 90 

Tennis 703 

Track 702 

Willough-Wets 707 

Student Life 70 

Baccalaureate 42 

Back-to-School parties 74 

Christian Emphasis Week 47 

Christmas 78 

Concerts 34 

Convocations 40 

Drama 30 

Graduation 43 

Homecoming 27 

Jan-Term 20 

Lectures 39 

Masquerade Ball 77 

Orientation 70 

Preschool Retreat 74 

President's Reception 73 

Registration 77 

S-Day 28 

Step-Sing 24 

Summer Missions Carnival 76 

v - '■■'. 

r %